About Nolan …

Just as my social media profiles state: "Father, D&D Player, web programming geek, social media consultant, blogger, juggler, hiker".  That pretty much sums me up in a nutshell (walnut preferred).

I love being a dad.  I am not always the best dad, but I still love being a dad.  My "dream job" would be the "stay at home dad" role - doing the cooking, helping with home school, etc.  But fate has not yet landed that one for me. In all, I have eight kids (though two are step-kids, even with the divorce, I am still considering them my kids) ranging from 21 to 4.   Four of them are in elementary school ( or about to be). They keep me busy when I am not at work.

My passion is in tabletop gaming, specifically Dungeons and Dragons.  I have been playing for over 35 years (I started when I was 7) and loved ever since.  I have been in a steady gaming group for over two years now playing DnD5e.  I desire to do more - my passion my job kind of thing, but baby steps for now.

I also enjoy and do well at web site development and social media type work.  That is really my career - Web Geekery.  I love it and it loves me!

When I am not spending time with the kids, playing or daydreaming about D&D, or writing code for websites, I do enjoy a bit of hiking, camping, and juggling to round out my hobbies.  

I am, however, always open to new experiences.

OH - I am presently going through a divorce and on the Keto Diet - successfully lost over 50lbs since Thanksgiving of 2018 (it's now late January of 2019 at the time of writing this).





PS - I have a cat - I love cats - he loves me (or loves that I feed him - not sure which).  But he is my buddy (and kids when they are with me).

I don't take selfies well.