The Sounds of Home

I was blessed to have the kids a bit this past weekend. They were scheduled to be at their mother's. She headed out of town for a bit. And because of weather, we both agreed it would be better for them to stay in town just in case.

It was about halfway through the morning that I realized how much I missed the chaotic noise and occasional arargumen the kids have over something as trivial as whose spot on the couch someone else just took.

These "Sounds of Home" can bring peace and comfort to a person. Well, at least to me, anyway. And I noticed I am on edge when those sounds aren't in the house. The sounds have to be organic sounds too, not recorded. Haven't tired, know it won't work.

My cat too calms down when the kids are around. I don't mean the hide under the bed until they go to sleep kind of calm, either.

Kids can bring a sense of peace ... well ... maybe not "peace" per se, but a sense of wholeness to a home. A wholeness missing when the kids are away.

Kids need both parents as much as possible. But, I am definitely thankful for every opportunity for them to spend some time with me.

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