Defining New Goals

New Goals – Defining and Reworking Old Tools

I have set some New Goals.

It was no secret to anyone who has known me for a while that I became quite heavy - weight wise. I weighed 263 to 267 pounds on a 5'10" frame - I was obese by doctor chart standards.

At the encouragement of my now ex-wife, we started on the Keto diet and at the time of writing this, I am down to 204.6 pounds - roughly 60 pounds in about two months. Two months. I have had to let friends know that I am not sick and actually putting effort - a lot of it - into loosing this weight.

However, the determination is slipping. I love the results, but still it is slipping. I am taking a slight pause from the rigourous diet and binging a bit on a few carbs (it was Super Bowl yesterday, for goodness sakes!!) but also thinking of the future.

What am I going to do when I hit my target weight? That's it - what then? Slip back? Keep Going? What is my motiation?

But then it struck me. I have to refocus my energy on health goals. It may seem obvious to others, but I have never thought that way before. What is a health goal?

Bike race. Yup. Cross country, Badlands bike race. I have a couple of friends who do it now every summer. I plan on doing that in 2020 - but not the 100 or 50, but the 13 BUT IT IS STILL MOTIVATION!!

So what does that mean long term? Taking what is a goal or a tool and redefining it. Keto diet was my focus, it has been one of my primary focuses for almost two months. But I can't maintain that way. So I am now taking my focus and making it a tool with another focus - the bike race. This is showing me how I need to primary focuses and sometimes redirect it's energy into tools (another tool I am using is journaling to make myself accountable, like I talked about here).

Once again, might be an obvious to some, but for me - it's life changing.

Time to redefine my box and look to see what other boxes need changing. I think I might find many ...

Also, for anyone in Western North Dakota - here is the link to the site about the race -

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