Writing Makes Perfect

I have always wanted to be a writer - of at least one book. However, I had it in my head that the skill would either magically come to me or I would never have the ability.

What I am learning, however, like any skill - that writing is a matter of training. it's about training your mind to flow with your thoughts, training your self perception to know that what you writing is good enough for other to read, and training your mind to not try and write perfect but to write in your own authentic voice.

When I started this new journey with my site (I say new journey because my site has gone through dozens of revisions and re-purposing), I wanted a spot to journal my story, my ups-and-downs, keep myself accountable, and possibly help others. As I progress (though it is still a very long journey), I am now seeing my site more as a public exercise in writing and progression.

I would be honored if you join me on the grand digital writing adventure and I become the writing I want to be instead of hiding behind others while I manage their site and watch them craft their blog.

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