Words Matter – Changing My Narrative

Over the past few months, I have been reminded from various sources how much my words matter. Thoughts matter too, but the power your words have once voice can make or break a person - mentally, spiritually, and physcailly - and for those around you too.

Listening to an audiobook by Joyce Meyers, from Joyce Meyer Ministries, she touched on the topic of "Is Your Mouth Saved". What it summed up to was that so many people pray for a few minutes, but spend the rest of the time speaking against the prayer or doubting God will answer it. This is so HUGE.

Without the power of the God and the Holy Spirit, we can't help our words or speak the fullest possible good into our lives that we are capable of.

Here is a simple prayer: "Help me watch my words and form my positive thoughts to great things."

I am embarking on a 90 days word monitoring exercise to help correct my words, form my thoughts, and produce postivitiy in my life. Everyone slips up, it's how you handle the slip that can make or break a person.


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