Easing Into the New Year

2019 rolled in quietly and calmly. I was nice.

It was an island of "nice" in a very turbulent time at the moment. Allowing myself to take an hour and focusing on a simple card game (as much as Magic:The Gathering can be) was a very welcome experience.

I have found lately really appreciating the simple pleasures of things a quick snuggle with a four year old, a card game with a 14 year old, or a text from an eight year old across town.

I was blessed to be able to have the kids for the afternoon today, and though nothing special took place (no trips, gifts given, or the like), the whole day (14 year old was over in the morning) was special. Any time spent, even if just off in the other room cooking a meal, is time well spent.

2019 will focus me on my kids, along with finding more of myself. Finding myself? Yes. I know it's is over used way too much, but I have truly lost myself in trying to be many things to many people that wasn't really myself.

I just know the kids come first, then life will healthily and happily follow afterwards.

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