Daddy’s New Shoes

Every school day I pick up my four year old from school. She goes to a Montessori academy, so they keep similar schedules as our public schools but we can opt for full or half. She does both depending on the day.

Since we have done this for over two years, much of what we do is routine - except now I don't stay "home". "Home" is mommy's house now and dad goes back to his home. But I love doing it, it's more time with her, even if it's just to see her briefly and have a quick conversation.

Back to the routine part. So much of that drive is routine. When I pick her up, where her carseat is, what roads I take to drive home. But what caught me off guard is when she said "Daddy, you have new shoes". I did indeed have new shoes. I purchased them at lunch, as my old ones were about to fall apart. No one else noticed, not even her mother. But she did.

Her innocent four year old mind and keen eyes picked up on the details (plus she is lower to the ground to notice). That really sunk home on how much she and the other kids notice about everything.

Where am I going with this? The kids noticed all the minute detail about divorce that the adults - even bystander adults - usually miss. The body language, the tones, etc. I am so thankful that her mother and I are remaining friends and working closely to separate before it's too late to be friends.

I couldn't imagine what she would pick up and harbor with her for a lifetime if that was the case. Thank you little peanut for putting "being an adult about things" into very real perspective for me!

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