Accept and Not Change

I listen to many podcasts throughout the week, helping to pass the time and learning along the way.

One of the podcasts in my line is Joel Osteen's weekly podcast. I don't always listen to it, but when I do - the meaning and the message is very on topic. For example, the latest one I listened to was "Accept People for Who They Are".

This hit home quite hard. One of the biggest contentions between the wife and I was we are not who we wanted the other one to be. Joel explained that's not how it worked. I do believe he is right. This is something I wish I would have heard years ago, but I know it's the message I needed to hear right now.

I am not saying it would have saved or dissolved my marriage in any different way, but the quite suffering from both sides might have been avoided.

From now on, no matter the relation - friend or more, I won't try to change them to fit my needs, I need to accept them for who they are and learn to place them in my life accordingly.

This podcast has really helped me find some closure to parts of my emotions that were still raw and open.

Thank you Joel Osteen, you are blessed.

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