New Start To Life

2019 will bring a new start to my life (actuall, to more completely correct - it started in 2018, but very late in December).

My soon to be ex-wife and I are procedding with a divorce. We are in agreement that this is the best and are working together very carefully and closely. And one thing we both agree on is that we will better off close friends than lovers from now on.

We have eight kids (two are mine previous, two are hers, and we share four) but they are (or seem) understanding for now. They see us getting along, cooperating, and we are being completely transparent about most things (finances are not their business). The kids are very excited for sleep-overs at "Dad's" place and I will be around the old place to help with getting kids to school and events. That will help me adjust to this.

This site is my therapy - how I will cope and express the thoughts I feel pertaneant. Not necessarily always about hte diroce, that morid and depression, but that ever I feel I need to express.

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