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First “Real” Meal and Getting Settled

A person can easily loose track of the emotions of cooking when you do it day in and day out for the same individuals.

This past Sunday was the first "real" meal I cooked in the new place. I was so worried. For real, I was. I was working with new pots and pans, didn't have everything in the same old familiar places, butter was still frozen, the over was un-tested. But dispite all the chaos and uncertainty, I made it through and even the pickiest of my crew loved the food.

What did I make? Taco Crescent Rolls with Mac n' Cheese paired with baby carrots and ranch. Definitely going on the popular side of the cook book.

But I also realize, just like with all the chaos and trepidation of cooking the first meal, the whole process will be like that. I will have my "spaz" moments, but live has taught me that it will work out. One way or another (or take out), it will work out and everyone will move on.

Handsome, the Cat - NolanOverton.com
Handsome, the cat, is even starting to adjust to the new place!

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